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Wish List “Part 1” – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 116


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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 116)
Wish List (Part 1)

Welcome to the Angry Video Game Nerd’s first part of his beloved Christmas wishlist, in which he briefly reviews several games, ranging from the classic Nintendo Entertainment System up to the Sony PlayStation, which are all the games the Nerd wishes he could review, but maybe not dedicate a whole episode towards that individual game. The games he reviews are inspired from old catalogues and magazines from the 80’s, which the Nerd still happens to own in his basement, which of course was the way we did it back in the day, as the internet didn’t exist yet.

Of course, the laughing, joking numbnuts who made these games are to blame for their awful design, badly programmed controls and vomit-inducing graphics, and recieving them for Christmas may just be as bad as a big lump of shitty coal lying on the couch. Although we push on, and continue to the play these bad games some unfortunate kids grew up with, and got their Christmas ruined with the purchase of some of these.

The first product reviewed is the catalogues every 80’s kid grew up with and circled their favourite game, and the Nerd takes a look at the poor advertising of consoles and accessories, criticizing their outrageous prices and propoganda-like descriptions. The games reviewed in this episode are all produced by different companies, some shittier than others, and are of course ranging from different brands and consoles along the way. In this first part, the Nerd’s video game wishlist is (in chronological order): Skate or Die (NES); Bad Dudes (NES); Karate Champ (NES); Sonic Blast (SEGA GameGear); Sonic Labrynth (SEGA GameGear); Sonic R (SEGA Saturn); Sonic Shuffle (SEGA DreamCast); Shadow the Hedgehog (GameCube); and Where’s Waldo? (NES).

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